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Why Frontend Mentor?

  • Discover the most motivated juniors around

    Bouncing from tutorial to tutorial and following code along videos is easy. Building projects from scratch and solving real-world problems is hard. Our community is full of passionate developers working hard to improve their front-end skills by building projects.

  • Review realistic, modern projects

    Our challenges provide a design, the assets, a project brief, and nothing else. This means developers on Frontend Mentor build projects using a realistic front-end workflow. We make it easy for you to review each developer’s portfolio of projects and see their work.

  • Hire juniors with confidence

    Hiring junior developers can be risky. There’s often little information to go on, and it can be a coin toss as to whether or not a hire will work out. By giving you as much valuable information as possible upfront, we aim to give you the confidence to make good hiring decisions.

  • Gain insights beyond the code

    Being a developer on Frontend Mentor isn’t all about completing challenges. We encourage our community to give feedback to each other as well. This feedback is open for all to see so you can gain real insights into each developer’s knowledge and written communication skills.

Powerful talent search

Find the best developers based on your exact requirements—filter candidates by experience, skills, location, contract type, and more. Don’t wait for developers to come to you.

Filter out the noise

We have over 380,000 developers on Frontend Mentor. We only show you the developers in our community who are actively looking for work.

Contact candidates directly

Connecting with developers you’re interested in couldn’t be easier. Message your preferred candidates directly through the platform.

Key developer insights

At-a-glance stats for each developer saves you time when searching. See critical insights, including projects, code reviews, and work experience.

This is what a developer profile looks like

Our profiles include key statistics and information, work experience, projects completed, and code reviews given to others. Our goal is to provide you with all the information to reliably assess a candidate’s capabilities and save time over traditional hiring methods.

Preview of developer profile

Are we the right fit?

Types of roles

The majority of our community have 0-2 years of professional experience as a developer. So you’ll have the most choice if you’re hiring for junior roles. However, we do have plenty of more experienced developers in our community actively looking for work.

If you are hiring juniors, we ask that you can provide suitable training and support for them.

Although we have full-stack projects on the site, we’re best suited for you if you’re looking to hire front-end developers.

Hiring strategy

The developers on Frontend Mentor come from many different countries and backgrounds. They also have a wide array of educational and work histories. We want to provide inclusive opportunities for our community members. Therefore, we ask you to review a candidate’s potential based on their proof of work and give everyone a fair chance.

We also recommend being open and transparent about salary ranges and what to expect during your interview process. Defaulting to transparency wherever possible can save a lot of time on both sides and ease many concerns a candidate might have.

Interview process

Using our hiring platform provides an opportunity to condense your interview process, saving you time and money.

Before contacting a candidate, you can check their coding skills, code reviews, communication style, and written communication skills. Having so much initial context could even allow you to bypass the initial phone screen and technical test.

One option we’ve seen work for companies is to pick some recent projects a candidate has completed. Then, set up a call where the candidate talks through their code, and you can discuss their decisions and any changes they’d make. This change removes a lot of pressure on the candidate’s side while saving time for you and your team.

If you decide to continue with a take-home technical test, consider using one of our challenges for the assignment.

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